Stuart Cale (Course Tutor)

Course Introduction

As a therapist you have invested time, effort and money into your training and understandably you now want to get the most from your practice. The ability to do that depends on how you approach and connect with potential clients.

That ability can be blocked for reasons you might not understand, or you may feel as though you don’t know where to start. This can leave you feeling frustrated, confused and anxious about the future.

What most people do is either place this vital part of their business in the hands of marketers, web designers and/or people who don’t understand therapy, or they simply carry on doing what they have always done, hoping things will improve.

Marketing Your Therapy Business is Just a Matter of Technique

The methods taught over the 6 weeks of this self-study course will cover websites, content writing, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media and other promotional techniques.

We will help you to understand where and how to market therapy specifically, for minimal outlay, and to grow your business.

Among much more on this course, you will learn:

  • How to be your own chief marketer and why this is best for your practice
  • Why your message may not be clear, and how to make it so
  • Why chasing competitors is a waste of time
  • How to make it so that your branding is attracting rather than deterring clients
  • How to market your practice in an ethical and authentic way
  • Why service is the seed of income

Saving You Time

This is the distilled wisdom of the best therapy marketers, edited and organised for you and delivered in a concise, clear package.

This will save you time and provide you with practical skills to take away and implement immediately.

You will be guided through the whole process by people who have been there and succeeded, giving you the knowledge you need and providing you with additional resources along the way.

You can choose to transform your ability to help clients, to make money while you do it and you can absolutely have the business you imagined.

The Details:


  • Stuart Cale

Mode of Study

  • Online self-paced self-study
  • Video lectures
  • Actionable, practical exercises
  • Homework tasks to help you get the most out of each week
  • Comprehensive course notes for self-study

Hours of Study

  • 6 week drip fed course

Entry Requirements

  • This course is for everyone setting up their practice, growing their practice, or for students who want to begin planning their transition into practice whilst being armed with the best business and marketing advice available

What Next?

  • You will be equipped with all the resources, knowledge and tools to make your therapy practice a success, the rest is up to you


Non-Students/ NSTT members £420 (or £39 per month over 12 months)

Students and NSTT members £385 (or £35 per month over 12 months)


Next Dates:

Available any time online

Hi Stuart, I just wanted to send a review of the practice building weekend - It was bloody good.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for a great practice building workshop delivered by Stuart and Carlie. The concept of “Marketing” in therapy circles is sometimes frowned upon - or people like myself feel uneasy about selling. The reality is, that if you’re in private practice, it’s essential that you have a strategy. I really enjoyed attending this workshop.

The workshop was full of valuable content and actionable plans to implement. The workshop has re-inspired me to change my website, focus on branding, how to organically rank higher on search results, the difference between website plugins.

I re-designed and re-wrote my website last year, but it was still missing key information that could resonate with prospective clients. Attending the practice building workshop means I have more ideas, tools, and resources that I can add to my website, practical changes I can initiate to how I run my business. Unless you plan to work for a charity, volunteer as a therapist, you really need to know how to attract clients because all the qualifications in the world won’t ensure you will get clients. I strongly recommend this workshop.