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We are so glad to have you join us in this space, allow us to tell you a little about NSTT.

NSTT was born from the aspiration to bring talking therapists, regardless of modality, level of experience and personal philosophy, together. We are a membership society, an online register, directory and source of training and education. Most importantly, we are a community.

Through our website, blogs and newsletter, we aim to provide a platform for therapists to share their knowledge and for students to share their journeys. We bring you news and information curated for the purpose of supporting you and helping you to develop both personally and professionally.

Your Wellbeing Matters.

Whilst therapy is a wonderful, exciting and rewarding career, it can sometimes be a solitary one. Whether you are working alone in private practice, are a student leaving the comfort of the classroom or you are a therapist just wanting to connect with like-minded people, you are in the right place.

We know that belonging to a community is so important for wellbeing and at NSTT, this is precisely what we have created. We hope that through our community you will gain inspiration, education, an opportunity to be heard and a supportive environment for you to grow and develop, no matter what point you may be at in your career.

Let Your Voice be Heard

We believe that therapy is both an art and a science. Whilst our formal education provides us with the theory, it is our own story, style, diversity, creativity, experience and personal attributes which shape the way we practice. We believe that no matter what our modality or level of experience, we all have something valuable to share. It is this unity among therapists  that helps us to grow individually and as a profession, and which will ultimately enrich the therapy we can offer to our clients.

We Look Forward to Connecting with You

Hello from Me to You

About The National Society of Talking Therapies The National Society of Talking Therapies

Carlie Fairbrother

Chair of The NSTT Executive Committee

Hi I'm Carlie, Chair of the NSTT Executive Committee, a UKCP Registered Hypno-psychotherapist in private practice and Director of Student Experience at NCHP (a UKCP accrediting educational institution). I have a passion for connecting our profession, for lifelong learning and for supporting individuals at all levels of their journey. I am your contact at the society and I am here to answer any questions you may have about membership, blogging, events or just about anything else. I look forward to talking with you.