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The NSTT Blog

The heart of the NSTT lies in our attitude towards lifelong learning and collaboration. Our blog offer the opportunity for you to contribute your passion and experience to our conversation.

Whilst we curate information from the therapy world and bring it to you, we also love our members to write for us, it is through you that this community develops.

Within these pages we continue to build an eclectic source of information and resources aimed at helping you to develop our own practice as therapists, and bringing benefit to your clients.

We want to hear from you.

Student Blog

NSTT is linked to the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (a UKCP accrediting institution) which furthers our ability to focus on both education and encouraging students and practitioners to learn from each other, and a wide range of external sources. This section of our blog is a valuable resource for all therapy students regardless of psychotherapeutic approach. It is a space to share resources, for book recommendations and for thoughts about your journey into practice. The student journey is an exciting time, but we understand that it comes with a range of practical and emotional challenges. This blog provides a space for connection, support and inspiration.

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In Practice Blog

It is in the therapy room that we learn the most, where we take our formal education and combine it with our personal qualities to accompany our clients on their journey. We discover something new in each of these journeys and we want you to share what you have learned. The ‘in practice’ blog offers an opportunity for a broad range of information sharing. We welcome posts from all therapists about every aspect of practice. Here you can share research, inspirational stories, lessons learned in practice and tips for self-care.

We hope you will share you creativity and passion for our wonderful profession on these pages.

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Business of Therapy Blog

At NSTT we believe that understanding the business of therapy is vital to ensuring that you are getting the most out of your practice, that potential clients are clearly hearing your message, in raising the profile of therapy and in reducing stigma around mental health. The ‘business of therapy’ blog, brings you tips and advice on how to market, develop and run your practice with information curated from the very best sources in business and marketing, distilled and translated just for therapists.

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How to Write for Us

Inspired to join in the conversation?

If you have an idea for any of our blogs then we are waiting to hear from you. We welcome anyone from the world of therapy to contribute and we are open to any ideas or inspiration which you feel would be beneficial to other therapists.

Simply contact Carlie at NSTT to discuss your thoughts and ideas.

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We Look Forward to Hearing and Learning from You.