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NSTT Therapy Events Guide

We take contact and community seriously. NSTT therapy events are designed to give you opportunities to meet colleagues, share ideas, support each other and grow together.

We call this cross-pollination and it grew out of our experiences as integrative psychotherapists and counsellors. We have found so much benefit in gathering and curating theories, resources and methods to help more clients, fitting the therapy to the client rather than the other way around.

Often as therapists we work in isolation but we don’t need to learn or live in isolation.

Our modalities may be different but they share a common root in human understanding and behaviour. We believe that sharing our experiences, knowledge and wisdom helps us and helps our clients who after all are diverse and unique.

Whether it’s a social networking event aimed at inclusion, learning or support, a CPD event, a weekend workshop or the conference, you can be sure that our insatiable appetite for lifelong learning is always out there looking to bring back the best in education, presentation and inspiration for you our members.

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Upcoming Events:

  • Dreaming on Purpose – 24/25th June
  • Mandala of Self-Care – 8th/9th July

CPD and Training