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Bill Hard (Course Tutor)

Course Introduction

Delivering therapeutic services using remote face-to-face platforms such as Zoom or Skype is distinct from delivering them to your client in the same room. Online therapy is no less reliant on an effective therapeutic relationship but the creation and development of it require a different set of considerations and skills.

At the NCHP (our affiliate teaching arm), we have always been at the leading edge of working remotely online. We have similarly always championed the benefits of online therapy such as inclusivity, accessibility and convenience for our clients.

So, when COVID-19 forced all training online, we didn’t simply deliver our existing content in front of a webcam, we optimised the materials and methods to the unique challenges of that environment. Throughout 2020 we redeveloped, tweaked and tested and now we are able to bring to you the fruits of that process in a training specifically designed for therapists, and their clients when working together online.

We worked closely with our human connection specialist, Bill Hard, to create a training designed to help you to overcome the fears, prejudices and myths around online therapy and to focus on that crucial underpinning element to all modalities, the therapist/client relationship. We also focused on optimising the online format as a delivery tool capable of not only equalling the client experience of same-room work, but of having distinct advantages over it.


How This Training is Useful to You

If you are a therapist, trainee or student that struggles with the idea of delivering effective therapy via online platforms, or you want to develop your existing online practice, then this is the course for you.

An experiential two-day workshop to help your online therapy work become more effective and satisfying.

Develop your confidence and gain skills with this way of working.


Expert Guidance

Your trainer for the course is Bill Hard. Bill has been helping people to make changes for over thirty years. Hypnotherapy has been his primary tool for the past fifteen years and he comes from a career that included nursing (with a specialism in challenging behaviours and learning disabilities), training, performance coaching and decades of teaching meditation.

Bill is a passionate advocate for peoples’ ability to grow and change from a place of appreciation of who they already are. He has an extraordinary ability to create human connection, and a deeply intuitive understanding of the mechanics and subtleties of creating and maintaining effective therapeutic relationships.

That expertise has now been tailored specifically for the ‘new normal’ of working remotely face-to-face, and is available to you.


The Workshop Covers:

  • Establishing a felt connection online
  • Effective inductions online – how to use and or modify your favourite inductions for this format, plus explore some that may be new to you
  • Structuring sessions online – timing, rhythm and pacing are different and important for this format and we will be exploring this in depth
  • Bringing a grounded presence to the online situation – practical mindfulness techniques for you and your client
  • Exploring our own process around this area – what is the nature of the online encounter? How is it different to the live situation?
  • Explore the impact of non-verbal communication in the online setting
  • Using technology to get the best from this setting
  • Online empathy – the power of imaginative connection

The Details:


  • Bill Hard

Mode of Study

  • Face-to-face tuition via Zoom
  • Blended Learning
  • Practical demonstration and exercises

Hours of Study

  • 14 hours over 2 days (14 hours CPD)


  • Written assessment

Entry Requirements

  • This course is aimed at practising therapists and health professionals who work with clients or students/trainees intending to do so using online remote face-to-face platforms such as Zoom and Skype

What Next?

  • Upon completion and certification of specialist training you will be equipped with practical people skills to be able to work online in your practice


£265 (£240 for members and NCHP alumni)

Next Dates:

27th/28th February 2021