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Lisa Pryce-Jones
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Lisa’s career involved working in financial management roles and also lecturing for over 20 years before deciding that she wanted to change direction and help people to improve their lives just as she had been helped many years before with Hypnotherapy.

She trained in 2012 with the late Dr Lyn Bateman (Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine) who had 40 years of practical hypnotherapy experience.  In addition to being a Hypnotherapist Lisa also teaches Hypnotherapy with the UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences, is an accredited Counsellor, Master Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, Spiritual Healer and an Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) Therapy Practitioner.

Lisa has two clinics in South Wales – Newport and Blackwood.

Lisa is a passionate and enthusiastic therapist and trainer who loves inspiring both clients and students with her holistic approach and uses a combination of Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, CBT, ACT and Healing within her work.  To find out how Lisa can help you contact her – / 07427 451992.

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