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Iulia Popescu
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31 Castle Street
The Practice Rooms

I'm Iulia Popescu. And...
​My aim is to assist you in transforming any state of confusion into one of clarity, disorientation into a sense of direction, and chaos into a structured and organised approach.
The way the human mind works, our behaviour, needs, and emotions have always been my fascination.
You can perceive me as a gardener planting seeds of awareness and introspection in your mind's rich soil. Together , we explore behaviours, needs, and emotions with interest, commitment, and unconditional acceptance. I guide you to discover your inner world and encourage you to go deep inside, until you reach your roots - to identify solutions and your healing source.
I create a safe and healthy relationship environment. I guide you to manage your emotions and feelings, so that you can grow and rise regardless of the conditions of your surrounding environment. I completely understand that you might not be here because you want to be rather that you know you need to be.

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