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The appeals policy relates to students of NCHP only.

This document does NOT cover appeals against the results of the complaints procedure as those are covered within that procedure. It covers appeals from students and from alumni regarding registration with UKCP.

The National College has a policy for appeals based on the core principles as stated in the Strategic Plan, last reviewed in Spring 2018:

  • Honesty
  • Openness
  • Integrity
  • Inclusion
  • Valuing of difference
  • Equal opportunity
  • Freedom of choice
  • Empowerment of the individual

Appeals from a student/trainee are in the first instance reviewed by the Academic Board (or the executive of the NSTT if the Academic Board has had previous involvement, eg on a plagiarism issue), at the next scheduled meeting, or at a meeting scheduled to hear the case, or later if the student/trainee needs more time, giving the student/trainee ample opportunity to explain their viewpoint and to represent themselves or have an appointee do so on their behalf.

No one involved with the issue that is in question will be part of the decision making process although they may be present at the meeting to answer questions.

They may appeal on the basis of

  • an error in administration
  • an unfair, biased or incorrect assessment (including failure to be accepted on to a course, or to be accepted/recommended for membership(s))
  • illness or other mitigating circumstances

The result of the review will be conveyed to the student/trainee in person on the day if the Board feel able to come to an immediate decision, or within 14 days by letter.

In the event of a student/trainee being dissatisfied with the outcome or process of their appeal, the grievance can be assessed independently by the Complaints Officer whose recommendation will be considered by the Board at the next scheduled meeting. The result of this hearing will be conveyed to the student/trainee by letter within 14 days.

An appellant who believes that we have not correctly followed the above procedure can appeal to the UKCP College of Outcome-Oriented and Hypno-psychotherapies.


The appeal process will be monitored on an annual basis by the Board and statistical information about appeals and complaints following appeals will be produced. Names of individuals concerned with incidents will not be published.

Last modified: 22/10/18