Ludwig Esser

Ludwig is an experienced UKCP accredited Hypno-Psychotherapist and for the past 12 years has specialised in working with people with cancer.

Ludwig works from the perspective that a big factor in people getting well is their emotional state while navigating through cancer treatment. Being able to develop a positive attitude in this situation is important and at the same time difficult to achieve. Cancer can bring up anger, despair, depression, the feeling of failure or letting others down, a sense of injustice and many more feelings that are difficult to express.

Ludwig’s approach focuses on what is good within people rather than what is wrong with them. He looks at the potential for cancer to be a turning point in a person’s life. Finding meaning and purpose in life offers a different outlook on the illness, away from the “why” towards a “what for”, thus providing the client with potential for a very personal positive growth.

Ludwig’s work takes inspiration from Lawrence LeShan and Carl O. Simonton among others. He now brings you his knowledge and experience to help other therapists work with clients through this difficult experience.

Ludwig Esser The National Society of Talking Therapies