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Just write……

That’s what I’ve been told by various PR colleagues, business experts and blogging sites across the internet. Stop planning and just write.

Writing not only nurtures creativity, it is therapeutic and good for your mental health. Plus, writing skills are critical to any successful business and are the cornerstone of modern marketing strategies. So, I’m sold on the benefits. I want to write for all the reasons above, but I haven’t. And I don’t mainly because of a single obstacle that I just cannot get over.

What the hell do I write about?

Currently, I am studying hypno-psychotherapy with the NCHP where I am aiming to pass with flying colours and establish myself in private practice and will have to write to establish professional credibility.  My full time profession right now is sales and marketing. So, I write content and marketing strategies for a living. But finding my voice  as I tentatively enter a whole new profession, has left me a little lost for words. Not because I don’t have anything to say but more because there is so much to talk about and discuss that it is almost too overwhelming to know here to start, and of course I’m still studying, so have much to learn.

So, I haven’t written anything…..

I also know that I am a hardcore procrastinator and have been for as long a I care to think about. And so that last paragraph, though true, gives my procrastination monster just enough of an excuse not to start. Coupled with the lack of an urgent impending deadline I just will not get on with it. As a lifelong procrastinator I also know that any deadline I challenge myself with, will of course be met with number of reasonable excuses as to why I can’t possibly begin today.

However, I want to write. I think it will be good for me. And so, I took my colleagues’ advice, gave myself a firm deadline and got on with it. I gave myself one hour to write something. No expectation around what  I would write about or the tone of voice I would use or where the writing may end up and whether it would be good or not…

I would just write something. Within the hour…..

……and so, I did. 53 minutes later this is what I wrote. Turns out, that this may possibly be my very first blog with my future profession in mind.

Whilst not full of insights or learnings for anyone else, I wrote this for me as a therapeutic exercise  and I’m quite happy with it. But more importantly I put my procrastination monster to one side for one hour and did something I have been ‘meaning to get round to’ and made a start instead of an excuse.

Just Write The National Society of Talking Therapies


Suzanne Teale.

Suzanne’s career background is in sales and marketing, she decided to follow her passion for studying human behaviour and the lived experiences of people to take a career path in hypnosis and psychotherapy. The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy is now proud to have Suzanne as student studying towards her future career goals.